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Spartan Warrior

It was a long journey until the completion of this personal project, due to the work I had to stop sometimes with him but whenever I could put a few hours in this project. I used this character as an opportunity to improve my skills in anatomy, retopology, painting, and texture. I also used to study some of the software Marvelous, I used it to make the cover of the character. I used basically for the modeling of the character and accessories Zbrush and Maya, retopologia I used Maya, rendering was done in Zbrush and finished in Photoshop. It was a lot of fun working on the project.

Vitor borsato espartano principal final
Vitor borsato armadura front back
Vitor borsato armadura rigth left
Vitor borsato espartano wireframe
Vitor borsato espartano back final
Vitor borsato espartano front final
Vitor borsato espartano front back
Vitor borsato espartano turntable